How To Become A Video Game Tester? Handbook Sharing

How To Become A Video Game Tester? Handbook Sharing

All in one about “How to Become a Video Game Tester.”

Do you know the video game tester industry is set to become one of the largest industries? Regardless of the financial downturn that happened, the offers of games have not diminished.

The gaming industry has had high points and low points throughout the years. However, they keep on developing significantly. Facebook application games truly break the line with new developers. The type of episodic video game is progressively showing up and affirming its position.

Therefore, no one in this industry knows how about it will be like in the future. The only thing that is everything is changing. Also, many games released in a few years will be different from what we have now.

In any case, to become a video game tester, not everyone can become one. That is a good game job that you can get paid to play games. And you have to decide clearly:

  • Is gaming your passion?
  • Is gaming right for you?

If you want to work at home, and want to avoid noise from the common working-place. There is not required any education paper degrees, not any education levels. Also, there is not needed any leadership, year of gaming experience. All you have to do is make sure you have a passion, a habit with gaming. And you want to work on game testing to get paid to play games. Or, if for your gaming habit, you could be trying at least one time for this opportunity.

1. What is a typical gaming tester process?

Normally, The PC game must spend from 1 year to 3 years in the entire development process. Also, the game testing process starts later in development.

At the point when the gaming tester got a version, they begin playing the game. The game tester must focus on any bugs, glitches they find. They may range from art bugs, logical bugs, or security bugs. And the gaming tester needs to make a record. Game testers are paid to test video games to experience firsthand. They will review the interface, think about the colors and game setting. After that, report all of these bugs to gaming companies for fixing and improving.

In other words, the game testing process as known as the beta testing process. And the gaming testers as known as beta testers.

2. So who is the game tester?

That is the person who is working for gaming companies. Who have to double-check the unpublished games before releasing officially. Who is as known as a beta game tester. They will take the unpublished games firstly and play from beginning to the end of games. They could be played a few times to make their record is the brightest and most useful.

Video game tester is essential for all game platforms and game categories. Depending on the location and company, game testers will play games on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, PC, Mobile. Similarly, role-playing games, multiplayer online games, action games, and learning games. There are just some of the game categories that game testers could play and evaluate thoroughly before releasing.

3. Where is the workplace of video gaming tester?

Wherever do you want! That is precisely the words that we want to say. Your workplace is not required full-time in the gaming company departments. The most important for a game tester is a silent working and freedom working environment. This workplace allows video gaming tester to focus attention on the testing process with high results.

As a Video Gaming Tester, you can work at home and enjoy your freedom lifestyle. Also, you can work for every gaming company from over the world — for example, Nintendo, Valve Corporation, Rockstar, Blizzard, Sega, Sony, Electronic Arts.

4. How about video gaming tester salary?

As our survey, it is related to gaming tester salary in August 2019. The average annual salary for video game testing is $48,000 per year. It does not depend on the location that you are living in. You could be living in the US, Canada, UK, or in Vietnam, etc. Salary of video game tester is the same because they are working online and take income from an online game job. The most important thing to increase your salary is your gaming tester skills. Also, the average salary for an online gaming job depends on the size of the gaming company. There is many high commissions and bonus after finished a game testing project.

For the high level and high experience game testers, they can earn up to $110,000 per year. Typically, the salary for a video gaming tester that experienced less than three years is about $38,000. Here is some data for an online game job that you can reference.

  • Technical Directors – $110,000
  • Game Software Programmers (Senior) – $90,000
  • Game Software Programmers (Entry Level) – $50,000
  • Executive Producers – $82,000
  • Creative Director – $81,000
  • Video Game Animators – $67,000
  • Video Game Artist – $53,000
  • Game Tester (Senior) – $50,000
  • Game Tester (Entry Level) – $32,000
  • Sound Designers – $66,000
  • Musician/Composer – $62,000
  • Video Game Designer – $53,000
  • Video Game Producers – $77,000

5. Should I Become A Game Tester?

To become a video gaming tester does not require many requirements. If you love playing games or want to earn more income with a part-time job, you absolutely can choose to become a gaming tester. When you do what you love, you don’t have to work one day. It would be great to live and do what you want.

It would be great if it were a gaming passion. If you are passionate about working in the gaming industry. Being a game tester does not mean you will always be a typical game tester. The experience and knowledge you have accumulated will be a solid foundation for you to go further. Think it is the beginning point for the entire gaming journey. Someday so happy to see you succeed. You will be the best gaming tester or those who work in positions matching to your real ability, such as:

  • Lead designer
  • Content designer
  • Game mechanic designer
  • Level designer
  • Writer
  • Lead programmer
  • Artificial intelligence programmer
  • Graphics programmer
  • Network programmer
  • User interface programmer
  • Concept artist
  • Art director
  • Animator
  • Lead artist
  • Audio developer
  • Quality assurance director

There is so much work for you to do in this industry. Of course, every success requires hard work and perseverance. But the most important thing that you have already is your passion. Those things will undoubtedly lead you to success. We only bring a small bridge for you to reach more easily.

Our network is an excellent environment for you to develop and earn income from gaming. A place with thrilled friends and always willing to share knowledge with you. With more than 150 countries such as Canada, USA, UK, Korea, Vietnam, China, etc. You can freely test all games produced for Xbox 360, PS3 & PS4, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PC. All the game categories such as RTS, FPS, MMPORGS, action, adventure, and much more. Our network offers many opportunities to work and make money for you. Game companies from all over the world are here, and they wait for you to go with them.

6. Some Reviews By Our Members

PewDiePie is a Swedish gamer born in 1989. One of the most successful and famous people started with the Video Game Tester Job since 2012. His Youtube channel now has more than 100 million subscribers. An actual billionaire!

Ryan – he is a game tester from CA,

Right now, I no longer need to look for a job, as I already have the perfect job! Thank you! I earn more being a part-time game tester compared to a full time and annoying.

Henry from the UK as a game tester as well,

He is so happy because he made money from his beloved job. What he has achieved today is genuinely grateful for friends and knowledge from this gaming tester network.

Playing First Person Shooters and RPGs!

Mr. Gongsan from Korea,

If you are looking for a job in the gaming industry, this is a real source network you can find it all. Indeed, you have a good salary, also guiding you step by step to success.

7. Game Testing All in Person Handbook Reviews

Game Testing All in One​

Hand Book

“In this book, you will learn the roles and responsibilities of a video game tester. It includes how to apply software test engineer methodologies. This knowledge can be used for testers to help create staffing plans and schedule test tasks, as well as generate thorough and effective test cases for games. Topics include how to test a game, how testing fits into the production cycle of a game, testing fundamentals, test automation, and how to check different game genres.

References to many different game types and titles are spread out among the topics and methods taught in this book. It’s okay if you haven’t played all of these games yet. In each case, the games and features illustrated specific concepts which will be explained to you in the text and showed in examples. Please don’t get angry if one or more of your favorite games are not mentions. It’s up to you to go and test them using what you learn from this book.”

It is an outstanding handbook for a video gaming tester for references. We recommend you to get it and take a look for a bit more clearly about this game job.

Please let us know if you are interested in this handbook. Feel free to comment below or Contact Us to get this handbook for your reference.

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