earn money from playing games

The best ways to earn money from playing games | get paid to play

The best strategies to earn money from playing games | get paid to play.

Information technology development means that electronic applications develop, especially games (including PC and Mobile series). I am sure that all of you here has played through at least a game. Whether online or offline, on the phone or the computer. Have you ever thought that gaming can make money?

Playing games, we often think of it as just a game. However, many people make much money from it. Some people even consider it to be their main job to make money, create a stable income, also get rich from there.

Some best ways to earn money from playing games

1. Make money from game playing by hunting for prizes

Usually, popular online games always open up national and regional competitions so that gamers can show their professional and skillful abilities. So many young people today take advantage of these opportunities to make money by participating in eSports teams hunting for prizes. They have the chance to unleash their passion and ability to hold the award with.

However, getting this reward is not an easy task. It would be best if you were a professional gamer, an excellent gamer with high-handed gaming skills. Many famous games in the world have held a selection of top players with a prize value up to hundred-thousands of dollars.
Besides receive awards, gamers also enjoy the passion for gaming and the opportunity to learn and exchange with international friends. Not stopping there, professional players can also make money with the sponsorship of companies. Businesses are looking to promote gaming-enabled devices, or peripherals like Intel, SS, Western Digital…

2. Become a Game tester to get paid to play games

Typically, before a game is released officially to the community. They need to be tested multiple times to ensure stability and avoid possible errors. Therefore, game companies need to recruit gamer testers to try the game first and then report back if something is wrong.

This way of making money is quite suitable for gamers. They can play many games and can make money by playing. For those who love the game, it is a nice income for them to pay for their life or passion.

If you want to become a game tester | video game tester. Indeed, our network will help you to reach many achievements easily. Please reference more Information about this excellent game job.

Some best ways to earn money from playing games, get paid to play games

3. Make money by uploading game videos

If you are a skilled gamer and the way “breaking things” or a “boss hunting” professional. You can respond to the video and post on a website or Youtube channel. These videos help other gamers to watch, explore, and comment. If the number of views is high, you make money from advertising revenue. Moreover, you be well known and have the opportunity to communicate with other gamers.

Typically, this way of making money is to mention that Felix Kjellberg named the “Youtube King.” With an income up to millions a year by playing games and uploading videos to YouTube. Currently, Felix Kjellberg has more than 100 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Famous gamer Daniel Middleton earned $ 16.5 million in 2017. Gamer Evan Fong earned $ 15.5 million just by posting videos of the game. Top gaming channels make big money base on their professional playing skills combined with typical aggressive and excellent video editing techniques.

Besides, if you have superior gaming skills or tips in the game that few people know. You can leave your phone number, or contact email. If someone wants those tricks, they will contact you and pay compensation.

4. Selling items to earn money from playing games

This method is currently being implemented by gamers quite popular. Usually, to get rare items in the game, the player will need to overcome challenging tasks. The “weak” gamers must have to use virtual money in the game to buy from other professional players. When the amount of virtual money is large, we can sell it to other gamers at a lower price to get real money.

However, before you want to make money in this way, your character must be invested and strong enough. By this way, many gamers can earn cash to thousands of dollars each month. While playing the game and being able to make money, there’s nothing better for a skilled player like you.

5. Gaming Streamer

Gaming Streamer - PewDiePie YouTuber

You can record your videos or live stream battles in the game. During, play new games then post videos on Youtube or other social networks. So when you attract a large number of people. Indeed, you will make much money from Youtube advertising or sponsored ads from game publishers. However, it would be best if you had a bit of public speaking skill to succeed quickly.

Currently, this job in the world has many successful people. They are earning thousands of dollar per month.

Which kind of games can make money

Firstly, you have to determine which game has many players. This part is essential because of many players in the game so easy to sell accounts and items. Many games are favorite in other countries but not yours. You can also play and sell to foreigners, but it will be more complicated than selling domestically.

More importantly, that game must meet the following criteria:

  • An online game, interacting with many people.
  • Must be one of the genres MOBA, FPS, Role Playing, Swordplay. Terminology specializing in games, you can learn on google. Other kinds are subtle, but it is difficult to make money. Especially not for offline games. There are many downloads on Google Play or App store for mobile games.

I suggest some of the following games: WOW, PUBG, CrossFire, Mobile Legend, Arena of Valor … For commenting games, you can make video reviews. It would help if you also tried it out for a lot of games, both old and new games. Once you’ve chosen it, you can start making money in these ways.

6. Write game guidelines and strategies

With so many available free games, it’s hard to apply the above tips. However, writing game guides can help you make a brand for yourself. For example, the Fortnite account has nearly 20 million followers and easy-to-find guidelines. Lower favorite games on the list have fewer followers and tutorials are more uncommon. Write a useful guideline document and sell it on Amazon for a profit.

Let’s refer to the WOW Guide Leveling

World of Warcraft Classic is back in August 2019. It is a nostalgic version of the tactical style combining online multiplayer role-playing; in which gamers can adventure as goblins and monsters among a forest of other characters. The company also revealed that interest in World of Warcraft Classic is so strong that it overwhelms all Blizzard servers. More than 2 million players created a new character in the first days of launch.

World of Warcraft Classic guide leveling has been written base on a conducive platform. Ensure the player experience the most comfortable game. Instructions and the best tactics showed step by step in the game. Players can quickly level up and train gold. World of Warcraft (WOW) guide leveling rated as a great product. It unlikes other online videos, or tutorials. This guide integrates directly with the game to overcome challenges.

7. To earn money from playing games by Playstation trophy

Currently only available in the US, train Trophy on Playstation games is becoming as a way to make money for gamers. For those who do not know, Trophy here is the achievement that players achieved through performing specific challenges in the game. For example, headshot 100 times or defeating enemies uniquely. There are three levels of Trophy: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Obtaining 1 Platinum gives you 1,000 points, 25 Gold is 250 points, and 100 Silver is 100 points. For every 1,000 points, you will receive $10 on your PSN account. It allows you to collect and buy copyrighted games on it. However, even if you don’t earn a valuable trophy, playing many games will give you points by the time.

The truth is that many people are earning thousands of dollars from gaming every day. Of course, achieving success always requires passion and determination. Opportunities are still around you and can potentially make much money from playing games.

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